Our desire is to provide you with a great experience when you decide to purchase a firearm over the internet. We are a licensed firearms dealer and transfer agent located in Lawrence, KS. If you need any transfer services, whether it be inbound or outbound, we can help. We follow all laws and regulations.


Please remember that all firearms MUST be shipped or transferred to a valid FFL.


If you have purchased a firearm online, we can receive the firearm on your behalf and help you complete the transfer process.

Firearm Transfer Process

1. You order your gun from your preferred online retailer.

2. Upon placing the order, the shipping FFL will request a copy of your receiving FFL's license.

Please have them e-mail us with your name and contact information at to request a copy of our license.

3. Once the shipping FFL receives the copy of our FFL, they will ship out the firearm to us via the method you chose during the original transaction.

4. Upon receipt of the firearm at our facility, we will log the firearm in and then call you within 24 hours to come pickup the firearm.

5. When you come to pickup the firearm, you will be required to fill out an ATF 4473 form and go through a background check facilitated by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

6. If the background check comes back proceed, you will pay for the transaction and complete the transfer process. If the background check is delayed, you will be required to pay for the transfer at that time and we will store the firearm for you until the NICS system notifies us that we may proceed with the transaction. At that point you can then come by and pickup the firearm.


The delay process is a waiting period of three business days after you run the check.


Example: if we run the check on Saturday at 12:00pm, the waiting period doesn't start until Monday morning at 8:00am. You would be allowed to pickup the gun on Thursday of the next week, after waiting the required three business days. If the background check comes back denied, we will retain the firearm and return it to the FFL that shipped it to us.

NCIS Denials Policy



Transfer fee: $35.00

Veterans, Law Enforcement, First Responders, and KS Concealed Carry Licensees: $25.00